EPlus Certified Courses

AES Campus (Pvt) Ltd has been appointed as the Authourized Training Partner for the EPlus Exams in
Association with EDHat (UK) and Vocational Training Authourity of Sri Lanka under the
State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research & Innovations. (24th September 2020).

Now students can study with AES Campus and Get VTA certificates for the Below courses:

  1. EPlus Certified Office Application Assistant
  2. EPlus Certified Multimedia Specialist
  3. EPlus Certified Hardware Specialist
  4. EPlus Certified Network Specialist
  5. EPlus Certified Computerized Accounting Specialist
  6. EPlus Certified Web Engineering Specialist
  7. EPlus Certified Graphic Design Specialist

Nationally & Internationally Recognized Certificates.

Hurry.. Admissions now Open …
Call : 0763611112 or 0753388882

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