AutoCAD & Building Studies


AutoCAD & Building Studies

IVQ4 Level

CAD & Building Studies programme is designed to produce CAD Draughtsman, Construction Supervisors etc. The course is conducted by well qualified lecturers. The course gives specific training in CAD applications with sufficient background knowledge in construction Engineering.

Semester 01
– AutoCAD 2D & 3D
– Building Construction Technology
– Fundamental knowledge in construction
– Identify suitable site for construction
– Foundation types and selection methods with their associated temporary works
– Types of concrete, masonry, carpentry
– Joinery, Roof, Finishes, Works

Semester 02
– Building Services
– Structural steel building construction
– Building services
– Building measurement
– Important of building measurement
– Take off quantities
– Prepare bills of quantities
– Land Surveying
– Importance, Classification and principle of Surveying
– Fundamentals of Surveying & Measurement

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