Bachelor of Business Administration

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Degree Courses | 3 Years

Undertaking a BBA will give you a thorough preparation for business life. The aim is competence in the management of money, people, products and markets. We start with a broad coverage of the academic disciplines that underpin business.

You have the opportunity to apply these academic principles within the context of a mixture of core and optional subjects that will focus on subjects such as diversity and corporate governance. This wide range of skills is necessary in today’s competitive workplace, so as a graduate it will be a great advantage.

Year 1

Semester I

– Accounting
– Learning & Study Skills
– Microeconomics
– Principles of Management
– Information Technology for Business
– Business Mathematics
-English Language Skills 1

Semester II
– Self-Management
– Principles of Marketing
– Financial Accounting
– Legal & Political Environment in Business
– Human Resources Management
– English Language Skills II

Year 2

Semester I
– Personal Development Planning
– Organizational Behavior
– Management Accounting
– Macroeconomics
– Business Statistics
– Business Communication

Semester II
– Leadership and Teamwork
– Operations and Supply Chain Management
– Business Information Systems
– Financial Management
– Operations Research
– Entrepreneurial Essentials

Year 3

– Strategic Management
– Innovation & Creativity for Business
– Researching and Developing a Business Plan for a New Venture
– Project Management
– Social Enterprise
– Diversity Management
– Lean Six Sigma
– Environment Management
– Corporate Governance & Finance