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Bsc in QS

Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying

Bachelor of Arts Degree Courses | 4 Years Year 1 Semester I – Physical Environment – Descriptive Statistics – Introduction to Microeconomics – Introduction to Mathematics for Economics Semester II – Building Technology I – Applied Mathematics – Introduction to Law – Building Services I -Building Services II Year 2…

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Arts Degree Courses | 4 Years Year 1 Semester I – English I (English Composition) – English II (Composition in Business) – Literature of the Western World I – Logical Reasoning – Engineering Chemistry Semester II – Engineering Mathematics (Calculus I) – Engineering Mathematics (Calculus II) – Applied…

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts Degree Courses | 3 Years Degrees – English – Social Science – Sociology – Psychology – Political Science – History – Economic – Public Administration – Journalism & Mass Communication

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science Degree Courses | 3 Years – Computer Science – Civil Engineering – Biomedical Science – Agriculture – Information Technology – Quantity Surveying – Chemistry – Biology – Physics – Physical Science

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Degree Courses | 3 Years

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree Courses | 3 Years

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Courses | 3 Years Undertaking a BBA will give you a thorough preparation for business life. The aim is competence in the management of money, people, products and markets. We start with a broad coverage of the academic disciplines that underpin business. You have the…

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